1. 1. The application for young pigeons is open to all national and international pigeons, and all proofs of ownership must be consistent with the rings and be of the same association with a year which is of the consignment.

    2. The date of arrival of the young pigeons starts from 1 February to 31 May.

    3. The number of young pigeons that can be registered per participant is unlimited.

    4. The young pigeons must have a trunk and proof of ownership upon arrival, in any case the family tree and the proof of ownership must be owned by the organizer prior to the commencement of the flights. If the dove is without a trunk or proof of ownership in the final, you lose all rights to your dove or your pigeons. Furthermore, the rights to the prize money and the auction expire.

    5. The registration fee per dove is € 100 and for a team of 5 doves € 450. If you send 5 teams, you get a free team with a price of € 2250. The amounts can not be divided. All pigeons are activated, so there are no reserves in all competitions until the final. The shipping costs will be charged to the participants.

    6. The shipping costs of young pigeons can be paid in cash or via bank transfer. The delivery address in Spain is: Young pigeons have a price of € 450, if you send 2 teams the price is € 850 exclusive transport. The delivered pigeons may not be paid on any case cash if the participant has not obtained the prior consent of the organizer.

    7. After receipt of the young pigeons, this will be the property of the organizer responsible for the supply, feeding, vaccination, treatment and training costs.

    8. With regard to the health of the pigeons, we have decided to ensure quarantine groups. After the entrance the pigeons are vaccinated and quarantined.
    9. The pigeons are housed in a bay with grating grating, with no racial separation.

    11 If a dove is lost before the start of the flights, the owner has the right to a free dove for the following year. The owner must keep the owner up-to-date via the website, e-mail or telephone.

    12 The organizer is not liable for any damages, such as theft, accidents, etc.

    13 The organizer is excluded from the participation in Derby.
    The organizer is responsible for all the pigeons delivered.

    14 The organizer shall have the right to cancel, postpone or change flights as a result of weather or other circumstances.

    15 In the course of the La Algaba training, the pigeons are to be released into small groups in order to learn to orient themselves.

    16 From Venta del Alto all pigeons are to be released and registered so that the participants can see the pigeons on the Internet. From the release of Venta del Alto, all pigeons are to be released together.

    17 The first 40 pigeons coming into the final (SALAMANCA) will be included in the auction with the condition of 50% for the owner and 50% for the organizer. Above pigeon no. 41 the organizer receives 70% and the participant 30% of the auction money. All owners of pigeons participating in the auction will be charged 7.5 € for photos, of which 50% the organizer pays. Anyone who does not have a trunk or proof of ownership of his pigeons has neither the right to a share of the auction, nor to prize money at the end of the Derby.
    From Dove No. 101 the participant can activate his dove for an extra flight, the Queens Race. The pigeon can be activated for a price of 60 €, provided the pigeon is not registered for the following race in the top 20. (Almendralejo, Caceres, Piacenza).

    18 € 150.000 Price money will be paid in advance for 3000 pigeons. If this number of pigeons is not paid, the amount is rationalized. If we reach a higher number of pigeons, the prices are also adjusted. Young pigeons that are not paid or activated for the new race will come to a list where everyone has the option to activate a dove for a new race. Pigeons that have not been activated may not participate in the final. The proceeds of the auction from those pigeons that have not been activated will be paid out to the organizer. The deadline for the payment of young pigeons is the flight Zafra.

    19 In the final of Salamance, at least 250 pigeons must be involved and at least 100 pigeons must have been activated for the Queens Race.
    20 All pigeons returning from Queens Race can not be purchased by the owner or the person who activated the dove. All pigeons must go to the auction with the same rates and conditions as the Salamanca race.

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