1. The first 40 pigeons coming into the final will be auctioned – 50% will go to the owner and 50% to the organizer.
    In the case the pigeons will end from place 41 to 100, the owner receives 30% and the organizer 70% of the auction value. For all 100 pigeons from the final, which are auctioned, the photos cost 15 euros per pigeon – the cost is divided 50:50.
    Any participant who has not submitted a trunk or proof of ownership shall not be entitled to the action or prize money. Pigeons, who have occupied 101 or higher in final position, can be activated for the additional race, the queens race, for 50 euros per pigeon. If the owner does not activate the race, every other person has the chance to do so. Almendralejo, Cáceres, Plasencia).€ 150,000 will be charged from the number of 3000 paying, participating pigeons. If the number of participating pigeons is lower, the prize money will be adjusted.
    Participating pigeons must be paid before the start of the race. If a participant has not paid his pigeon before the start of the race, these pigeons will be excluded from participation. All rules and terms of participation are legal regulations. The prize for the pigeon is the best place in the next race. Zafra, Almendralejo, Caceres, Plasencia and Salamanca. If the dove does not return within three days of the race, the organizer will receive the prize money.

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